Building a Web Application using Golang


As a software engineer, it is always interesting to learn a new programming language. At Osprey Security, when it turned out that I would be involved in a project with Go or Golang as it is also referred to, as the primary back-end language, it was a really exciting feeling. The fact that Golang was designed to be a good fit for server side programming added more spice to all this.

Here I’m going to share my first impression on the language. Quite a few features of Golang will be described in the prism of Java which I used a lot last years.

Syntax Description

What is striking for a Java developer is that Golang is not an object oriented language in a pure sense of this word. Yes, it has structures and you can call functions on those structures, as if you call methods in OOP language but there is no inheritance. Golang uses composition instead. Go front end vs. backendis not functional, but it has anonymous functions, high order functions and so on. As for me, I see Go as procedural language. If somebody asks me to describe Go, I would say… like C.  As in C, there is no exception handling, but functions return error codes instead. There is no function overloading as it regarded a bad practice, but there is support for pointers! (more…)