Next Generation Cyber Security.

Osprey Security is transforming the way companies manage cyber threats by providing actionable intelligence on security risks.

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About Us

Osprey Security is a disruptive Cyber Security company transforming the way organizations can manage their cyber threat landscape by providing actionable security and risk intelligence using its Patent Pending Technology and processes tailored to meet the organization’s risk appetite.

Our product uses empirical data driven methods to provide unmatched insight into emerging threats and help organizations address them before they can be exploited causing an incident.

Our next generation machine learning based algorithms provide organizations with real-time threat intelligence, allowing them to proactively defend against cyber-attacks and help them counter with our evidence based security platform.

Osprey Products

Risk Intelligence

Risk Intelligence

Osprey Risk Intelligence and Compliance (ORIC) platform helps orgs manage their Governance, Risk, and Compliance needs. It harnesses cutting edge natural language search techniques, unified compliance framework, and quantitative risk models to determine an organizations risk and compliance posture.

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence

Osprey Threat Intelligence Platform (INTEL) generates its own indicators of compromise from endpoint modules and converges threat feeds from various sources. Through breakthrough AI models it provides predictive security intelligence, breach prevention, and response capabilities.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security

Osprey Industrial Control Systems (ICS) platform identifies vulnerabilities and tests defenses against techniques most likely used by attackers against Process Control Networks and critical infrastructure (e.g. oil, gas, pharma, telco, energy) and provide actionable intelligence for remediation.

Osprey Services

Our next-generation machine learning algorithms provide real-time threat intelligence to organizations, allowing them to proactively defend against cyber attacks, and help them counter with our evidence-based security platform.

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Governance, Risk Management, Compliance

Avoid wasteful overlaps through integration in a holistic and organization-wide manner.

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Risk Assesments

Minimize stakeholder confusion by addressing their most important concerns - the security of your infrastructure.

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Vulnerability Assesments

Perform vulnerability or penetration testing to determine the impact to your business from a breach of your network.

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"I believe in Osprey Security’s vision for helping secure my organization by harnessing the power of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence and providing my team that predictive and proactive Cyber Security intelligence we have been lacking in our arsenal."

- Chief Security Officer, Fortune 50 Company

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"My organization and I feel extremely secure leveraging Osprey Security’s cutting edge cybersecurity solutions. Right from the POC days where they made their founders available, all the way to the deployment and any ongoing customer support needs, we cannot be more happier. Thank you Osprey Security. You are truly the best Cybersecurity company!"

- Nick Smith