Ingest Legacy GRC System Data

ORIC allows our users to be able to ingest data from large legacy GRC systems that have dominated the corporate GRC market. Not only is this process quick and efficient, but gives the users flexibility in their project and migration time-lines.


Visualize "Risk" & "Compliance" On A Dashboard

For a GRC stakeholder, ORIC provides the user, a clear and concise view of their internal and external compliance risk metrics so that she/he can assess and plan their GRC activities. To be able to visualize and present a concise picture to the C-suite using the dashboard is a significant value-add to the GRC organization’s arsenal.


GRC Issue Tracking & Management

ORIC is most likely, the only GRC platform that integrates an issue-tracking system that helps the user to track all GRC related activities and “track” multiple compliance related issues and tickets that can be accessed and tracked through a single user interface. No longer, does the user need to track issues across the organization, in silos. She/He can use ORIC’s inbuilt issue tracking and risk posture through a single user interface, and provide a unified view across the organization’s boundaries.


Integration & Administration

ORIC respects an organization’s needs to integrate within its own IT infrastructure by allowing authentication and authorization through 3rd parties such as Active Directory or OAuth. This allows our users to present the right information to the right user in the right context. ORIC has a ground-up design that allows the user to extend this model for their choice of authentication and authorization. In summary, ORIC has an intelligent platform that allows us to assess and monitor the "risk" posed to an organization while meeting its compliance needs.