Osprey Risk Intelligence & Compliance (ORIC)

The current state of governance, regulation and compliance (GRC) in companies small and large, across industries, is broken. From centralized dashboards and an evolutionary learning system, the GRC framework is an area where we (the security industry) and our customers can come together to attack the problems facing us. As a small but significant step in this direction, Osprey Security presents Osprey Risk Intelligence and Compliance (ORIC) platform.

Osprey Risk Intelligence and Compliance

ORIC, the platform gives us an option to understand and manage “Risk” intelligently. Our audience, would readily ask how? (Yet another GRC platform!) To that, we say, by incorporating and ingesting external and internal standards and compliance information, ORIC is able to unify your risk posture based on your organization's needs.

Osprey Endpoint Intelligence Platform (OS-EIP)

Osprey Security Endpoint Intelligence Platform (OS-EIP) falls under the category of the traditional Endpoint Detection and Response technologies for Information Security

Osprey’s Endpoint Intelligence Platform provides effective endpoint security and provides the capability to detect for potential data breaches and respond faster to a compromised asset scenario. EIP has the capability to record multiple endpoint and network security events, and collect this information both at the endpoint, within a centralized datastore, and also makes certain metadata available through the Osprey Security cloud platform.

EIP Dashboard

The EIP solution generates Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) and performs advanced behavior and security analytics using our advanced machine learning models and techniques. These indicators and threat intelligence data is then used to provide a proactive and more importantly predictive data to prevent potential data breaches.