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  Osprey Security Technical Advisory Report to Customers on WannaCry ransomware

Technical Briefing from Osprey Security that details technical details and insight into the WannaCry ransomware and how the Osprey Endpoint Intelligence Platform protects its customers against infection and delivers proactive protection.


  Osprey Security Wins Best Cybersecurity Company of 2017 Award

Osprey Security won the award as the Best Cybersecurity Company in this year’s Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. The annual Cybersecurity Excellence Awards are the most prestigious awards across the Cybersecurity industry that honor and recognize the world’s best products and organizations that demonstrate innovation, excellence and leadership in the Cybersecurity arena.


  Osprey Risk Intelligence & Compliance Case study - Financial Services Company

Check out this case-study where one of the largest financial services company on the planet used Osprey Security's Risk Intelligence and Complaince product to solve their Governance, Risk, and Compliance needs.

This case-study details the challenges that this particular customer faced, and the innovative and cutting edge Machine Learning based solutions that Osprey Security's Risk Intelligence & Compliance product provided to help solve their needs.