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Osprey Security is the first in the industry to provide coverage for the entire lifecycle of security to handle the latest threats and malware. We have extensive experience protecting an enterprise. This service can determine your organization's crown jewels and help deploy cryptographic data protection solutions.

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Data Risk Management

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Cyber Security Services

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Osprey Security Data Protection Services

Organizations process or store highly sensitive data such as intellectual property, source code, design specifications, and various categories of employee or customer personally identifiable data (PII) such as Social Security Numbers, Credit Card numbers, among others.

Using your data to generate business value is your task. Protecting it against malicious hackers or from insider threat is ours. Osprey Security Data Protection Service specialists are world class experts who among themselves have either encrypted or tokenization or deployed various cryptographic data security implementations of over 10 Trillion records. We have the world’s largest and most comprehensive deployment expertise when it comes to data security and data protection.

Our team will help you maximize our data protection investment. Whether you are starting from ground zero or just looking to mature your data security, we have it covered.

Solution Design

As leaders in implementation of data protection solutions, we offer the strategy and design services for customers to make the correct security architecture decision before deploying a solution. We assist in the overall planning, requirements gathering, and the security use cases identification. We will work with the executives and other stakeholder in building a solution deployment plan accounting for the data protection options, solution constraints, gap analysis, and the capital and operational expenses report with a project plan at the end of the engagement.

Solution Implementation and Operational Enablement

We will work with you to take your architecture and technology investment and ensure that there is a successful deployment. We will offer training to your developers and architects and operations to ensure that the optimal solution is deployed. When data has been encrypted, having your data protection service go offline or unavailable is not an option. We will work with your internal teams to ensure that this platform is stood up and offered as a highly reliable and available service.